Superior Emergency Management with Massive Operational Savings White Paper

In an emergency situation, crucial time and resources can be lost trying to ensure all people in a facility are safe and accounted for. First Responders need to know whether search and rescue is required for people still inside, and if so, they need to know what specific areas need to be searched in an efficient and expedited manner.

Another important use for population counts in specific areas of a facility is the ability to automatically match, in real-time, the needs of the building occupants to the operating settings of the Building Automation systems in their area. This results in the assurance that all occupants are comfortable in their space, but it also ensures that the Building Automation systems are able to run more efficiently, or even shut down completely, when they know that there are no occupants in a specific area.

Download this white paper and learn how Smarter Security entrance control solutions help to:

  • Accurately monitor and generate population counts for stronger emergency and safety measures
  • Save time, provide information quickly, and focus search and rescue efforts to improve life safety and recovery
  • Realize operational savings through building automation system integration
  • Provide better information and data to security teams for enhanced safety